Technology Portfolio

Comstor can help you adapt to the changing business environment with data center offerings that rationalize the data center transformation addressing  your customer’s business requirements for availability, adaptability and efficiency.


The value proposition is clear: data center virtualization solutions from Comstor enable resellers to expand their technology portfolio and evolve their businesses in ways not possible just a few years ago. Our data center portfolio delivers data center switching, compute, storage, virtualization platforms, application delivery, virtualized communications and data center security to meet the next generation of corporate computing requirements.


Cisco UCS

The Cisco Unified Computing System is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system

Application Networking Solutions

Cisco Application Networking Services (ANS/ACE-WAAS) provide a comprehensive set of solutions that meet the core application challenges related to the network maximizing application availability across all places in the network ensuring application streams, servers, networks and data center access are always available and rapidly adapt to failure modes.

Data Center Security

Cisco Data Center Security solutions enable you to create a trusted data center infrastructure based on a systems approach and using industry-leading security solutions

Data Center Switching

The Cisco Nexus family of data center switches is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the next-generation data center that delivers the full potential of technologies such as server virtualization and unified data center fabric, and supports broader architectural shifts such as unified computing system and cloud computing.

Storage Networking

Cisco Storage Networking provides service oriented enterprise-class storage connectivity to support significantly higher virtualized workloads - availability, scalability, and performance through multi-protocol storage networking and FC, FICON, FCoE, iSCSI, and FCIP connectivity