The Unified Data Center



A legacy approach of deploying multiple networks, switching domains, and tiers to handle an exponentially increasing array of technologies no longer works. Core assumptions about infrastructure and data center strategies are shifting radically. Data Center and virtualization solution decisions are often more complex investment/evaluation efforts requiring involvement from a broader set of business executives and a deeper financial analysis than other equipment transactions. The architectural and deployment decisions made today will determine an organization's ability to effectively compete and deliver value.

With these differences in mind, Comstor's Data Center strategy is based primarily on a service oriented incremental "building block" approach and strong solution differentiation. We provide a roadmap where data centers are defined not by computer architecture but by business needs.

Our Cisco Data Center offering aligns corporate strategy with IT data center strategy while optimizing IT productivity and resource utilization by providing the platform for the secure deployment of a service oriented, on-demand model for compute, storage, network and communications resources.


Supporting Virtualized Data Center Architecture with Solutions

Comstor works with industry leading hardware, software and services vendors to deliver an extensive offering that enhances the value of the Cisco data center.  Our solutions provide resellers with a greater choice for scale-up and scale-out server and storage consolidation and virtualization strategies to meet their customers Service Oriented Architecture needs.


Our strategy enables reseller partners by:
  • Providing a high-level overview of the virtualized data center 
  • Outlining some of its key benefits 
  • Reviewing the Cisco technology portfolio 
  • Exploring data center solutions 
  • Addressing some of the most important challenges of virtualization and cloud computing 
  • Providing a roadmap to ease adoption

Technology Portfolio

Comstor’s Data Center portfolio provides a comprehensive portfolio of physical infrastructure, high performance switching, compute, storage, application delivery, and data center-centric security solutions and services.


Data Center Solutions

You don't need to learn how to build a data center from scratch.  Using our data center specific solutions make it easier for you to address your customers business challenges across a wide array of markets.


LEAP Centers

LEAP centers provide a flexible lab environment where the reseller and the end-user can come together to learn about virtualization, the Unified Computing platform, how their applications would perform on the Unified Computing platform and how that platform will interact with other manufacturer’s products.


Enablement Tools

Comstor provides you with the tools, rich content and training to easily understand and capitalize on the data center opportunity and increase your top-line business value to your customers.