Our Core Competencies

Financial Services


Our Global Strength Around the World

Our financial strength around the world is a result of our relationships--relationships with customers, vendors and partners. Our lenders understand how we go to market around the world and as a result, one of the key elements we provide to our multi-national customer base is a wide array of credit and financing options.


Our Global Financial Strength

Since we are a $4 billion dollar multi-national company, we have resources other distributors simply cannot provide. We help our customers leverage the financial strength of our organization every day and are always looking for financially creative ways to make our customers more successful.

Flexible Financial Services

Comstor has the resources to provide you with the financial stability to grow your business and utilize cutting edge technology, without negatively affecting your profit margins. Maximizing the credit potential of your business is simple, and we’ve designed several initiatives to accomplish this.

These initiatives include

  • Credit Extensions
  • Leasing Major Purchases
  • Joint Purchase Orders.


In addition, we offer more in-depth financial services like our Personal Guarantee of Payment, which allows you to secure a credit line with Comstor using non-company assets. Qualifying your credit with Comstor permits you recognition across all of the Westcon Group, and with that, stability that you won’t find anywhere else.

Think of it this way, we believe so completely in the value of our products that we’re willing to facilitate your purchase of them. Now that is truly saying something.

The Comstor Financial Services Team not only makes it easy for resellers to do business with Comstor, but also can help substantially increase our customer’s ability to succeed and grow their business. Like the rest of the organization, the Financial Services Team is solutions-driven and assists customers of all sizes in each phase of the sales cycle.

The earlier our customers get engaged with Comstor's Financial Services Team, the sooner they can benefit from the many solutions we can provide to ensure their continued growth and success.

Contact the Comstor Financial Services Team for your local regions for a first hand introduction into some of the things we can do together.


Reuben Wazwa

Sales Engineer

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