Comstor sees its role as an integral part of your go-to-market strategy. But even more so we provide specific elements of that strategy in a way that is advantageous to you as the manufacturer, to our customers and even to the end-user.




Our strategic aim is to provide services to our customers that help you achieve four main goals.

1. To recruit resellers to sell your products and solutions
2. To increase the level of penetration of your technology, products and solutions into the chosen and targeted market space
3. To migrate products and solutions to newer offerings to attain the maximum value for you and the reseller
4. To capture new end-user customers through one of the highest value and most productive channels for networking, convergence and security in the market today



Vendor classification and positioning

To encourage and drive solutions-based behavior in both ours and our customers' environments, we classify our manufacturers in three ways:

Strategic - a vendor partnership that is multi-national and multi-year. Our senior executive team meets regularly with the senior executives of the vendors to develop plans and strategies for today and for the long term. Strategic partners take advantage of our regional country-based sales and support operations as well as our capabilities to execute global programs and logistics. Many of our strategic partnerships build on relationships that span more than 10 years, for example: Avaya, Blue Coat, Check Point, Cisco, Extreme, and Polycom

Complementary - these are complementary vendors to a strategic partner and in many cases provide the critical differentiation and components to a solutions sale. Complementary vendors are positioned directly alongside those vendors whose solutions they complement and are marketed directly to our customers who sell these strategic vendor-centric solutions.  Vendors in this category would be APC, AVST, Eaton, Microsemi (PowerDsine), Multi-Tech Systems, RedSky, RSA, Verint, Veramark, and many others depending on the region.

Development - these are vendor partners with a distinct or specific customer base or market position either in a core or directly adjacent market to Westcon Group's chosen areas of expertise. Development vendors form a vital competitive and innovation engine within their chosen market. Vendors in this category include Aruba, Fujitsu, Juniper and Microsoft.